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When a diagnosis of lung cancer is made, we rely heavily on a pathologist to tell us specifically which kind of lung cancer the patient has. There is a lot of molecular testing these days that sub-classifies all of the different forms of lung cancer. This specific and detailed information allows us to better diagnose, stage, and treat lung cancer. The Center TX is the place to go for an experienced lung cancer doctor in Fort Worth. Our doctors are leading the way in terms of research and treatment for lung cancer.

What Make a Lung Cancer Doctor Great?

At the Center TX, we think it's important to have all of the latest technologies and tools for diagnosing and treating cancer, and we have it. But more importantly, we also have the doctors who care for our patients, and our doctors are leaders in their respective fields. This means that we can find the best treatment options for each patient who we treat.

To begin the diagnosis and prescribe a treatment for the patient, we start with a thoughtful and meticulous evaluation process. This involves carefully considering the needs of the patient. For example, if they have metastatic advanced lung cancer, then they don't necessarily have to use advanced technology. Maybe all that patient needs is palliative care. The people running the technology are very important.

What Kind of Doctor is a Lung Cancer Doctor?

The way that we treat lung cancer is dependent upon the stage of lung cancer. Therefore, staging lung cancer properly is critical. For earlier stages of lung cancer, surgical intervention is part of the treatment. For lung cancer that has already spread, the treatments would include chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These will involve the care of other physicians.

For example, an oncologist is the one who usually takes charge of the chemotherapy, deciding exactly which chemotherapy treatments to use. Radiation oncologists are the ones who give radiation treatments and decide the doses and the duration of treatment.

Then, there is surgical resection, which involves deciding how much of the lung to resect along with the cancer. Depending on the needs of the patient, we can determine whether to use minimally-invasive surgery or open surgery. Still, treating lung cancer or any other kind of cancer is always best administered using a team approach.

How to Prevent Lung Cancer

When screening and looking for lung cancer, we also think about the prevention of lung cancer. Smoking is a big contributor to lung cancer as is second-hand smoke. Therefore, patient awareness is essential to preventative care.

Moving forward, it is likely that there will be some advances in the near future in imaging that can help lung cancer doctors in Fort Worth to identify lung cancer early. This way, we can catch the cancer early, get it out, and treat it. With the Center TX, our doctors are leading lung cancer researchers, and we're always on the cutting edge of lung cancer treatment.

Lung Cancer Doctor in Fort Worth
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Lung Cancer Doctor in Fort Worth
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