Children Mental Health

Children Mental Health

Mental health problems can affect anyone, from children to older adults. Children mental health is how kids regulate their emotions and behaviors. It is normal for your child to feel sad, anxious, or distressed from time to time, but it becomes serious when they feel upset more than they feel happy. Mental health disorders in children often cause delays or disruptions in development. In addition, they may not have the appropriate responses or ways of thinking for their age. If your child is suffering from mental health problems it could negatively impact every aspect of their lives. This is why it is important to get them help at a place like Stepping Stones when they need it. To do this, you have to be able to spot if they are struggling.

What Are The Most Common Mental Disorders?

The first step to noticing if your kid could have a mental disorder is to know the common ones to look out for.

Anxiety: anxiety disorders or defined by having intense worries or fears. Worrying is normal, but if it causes your child to miss out on normal social functions, it could be a serious problem.

Depression: if your child feels sad and has lost interest in things they used to enjoy, it might be a good idea to make an appointment at Stepping Stones, because they could be suffering from depression. If they feel that sadness, but it is also accompanied by rapid or severe mood swings, they could have bipolar disorder.

PTSD: If your child has recently gone through something traumatic, they could develop post-traumatic stress disorder as a response. This can lead to disruptive behaviors, nightmares, anxiety, and prolonged distress.

Eating disorders: Eating disorders lead people to become preoccupied with an “ideal” body type, and they can develop unhealthy eating habits in order to reach that ideal. Many people don’t think children can develop eating disorders like adults do, but they can, especially teenagers.

What Signs Should I Look Out For?

There are several signs to look for if you suspect your child is suffering from mental health problems. Many of these symptoms might appear for several different disorders. These signs include; prolonged sadness (lasting over two weeks), being withdrawn, weight loss, attempting to avoid school, or letting their grades drop.

A few other examples are; drastic mood changes, irritability, outbursts, and self-harm. After noticing any of the signs in this guide, it is extremely important to make sure your child has the help and resources they need.

How Do I Get My Child Help?

If your child is experiencing mental health problems, it is important to take them somewhere such as Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy. They have licensed mental health professionals who can help your child, as well as the rest of your family, to work through mental health problems. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what your child is feeling, making an appointment can be helpful.

Contact Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy to learn more about our therapy services or schedule your first appointment: (509) 209-7429/

Children Mental Health

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