Bladder prolapse surgery Virginia

Bladder prolapse surgery Virginia

Intimate Wellness Institute is a renowned women's wellness clinic specializing in bladder prolapse surgery in Virginia. We offer unsurpassed bladder prolapse surgery at affordable prices and ensure your safe and speedy recovery with personalized care.

What is bladder prolapse?

The bladder is the hollow organ in the pelvis responsible for storing urine. When the bladder fills with urine, it creates pressure, which causes the urge to urinate. The front wall of the vagina supports the bladder in women, which can weaken or loosen with age. Significant life events like childbirth can cause the vaginal wall to weaken. As the bladder loses its support, it descends into the vagina and triggers urinary difficulties, stress incontinence, and other issues.

Prolapsed bladders, also known as cystoceles, can be of four grades based on the degree of your bladder dropping into the vagina. Grade 1 refers to mild prolapse where only a small portion of the bladder descends into the vagina, and grade 4 refers to the entire bladder protruding outside the vagina.

When should I consider surgery for bladder prolapse?

If you experience severe discomfort or noticeable symptoms despite non-invasive treatments and therapies, consult your doctor at the earliest to discuss bladder surgery options. We perform the surgery vaginally and aim to lift the prolapsed bladder back into place by removing excess vaginal tissue and stitching. In some cases, we use a specific tissue graft to reinforce vaginal tissues and increase their support. You must consider a pelvic organ prolapse surgery in the following cases:

  1. If you have a prolapsed uterus, you need to undergo a hysterectomy and a surgical procedure to repair the damaged pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, and tissues.
  2. If you have incontinence along with anterior prolapse, you must undergo surgery to support the urethra and alleviate your incontinence symptoms.

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you may have to wait until childbirth to consider surgery for bladder prolapse. The benefits of surgery last for several years, provided you receive treatment from one of the best gynecologic surgeons.

What are the treatments for bladder prolapse?

The treatments for bladder prolapse can vary depending upon the severity of your symptoms, your condition's causes, and the presence of other related conditions. Here is a list of treatments we use to treat urinary incontinence and bladder prolapse:

  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises - Also known as kegel exercises, this method helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. As the pelvic floor muscles get stronger, they support your bladder and other pelvic organs better.
  • Vaginal pessary - It is a silicone ring that we insert into your vagina to support your bladder. While a pessary does not fix or cure the prolapse, it offers extra support and holds your bladder in its place. A vaginal pessary can relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Call Intimate Wellness Institute now at 804-523-2533 to verify your insurance or visit us to learn more about the urogynecology procedures we offer. We have the most experienced surgeons for bladder prolapse surgery in Virginia, which helps us ensure the highest quality care and successful recovery for patients. Get in touch with us now to learn about your treatment options.

Bladder prolapse surgery Virginia

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