Arizona Treatment Facilities

Scottsdale Recovery is one of the top-notch Arizona treatment facilities with the best staff and the highest success rates in the business. We have helped hundreds of addiction victims attain comprehensive recovery from their physical, mental, and behavioral health challenges with our holistic treatment approach. Here's how to choose an AZ treatment facility:

  • Use of evidence-based programs

You want to join a rehab that uses science-based therapies and innovative treatments to help patients achieve their wellness goals. Check with the treatment providers at a luxury drug rehab to learn about the programs they offer.

You want to look for rehabs that use evidence-based psychotherapies and other science-based behavioral modalities to treat addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. At our luxury alcohol rehab, we use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, etc., to help patients embrace sobriety and improved mental wellness.

  • Amenities

Your journey towards recovery may not be a pleasant ride, especially when dealing with recurrent cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms. Staying at a rehab center with comfortable amenities and luxury accommodations can make the healing process a lot more pleasant and less stressful. You want to look for luxurious or upscale drug and alcohol treatment centers with state-of-the-art amenities, clean and hygienic premises, modern amenities, and other world-class features. Staying at a luxury rehab can provide you with a peaceful and tranquil environment, far from your everyday life's stressors. The serene ambiance at a rehab center plays an integral role in helping every luxury addict place undivided attention on addiction treatments and therapies.

  • Ongoing care programs

Relapse is a common occurrence in over 60% of the recovering addicts in the initial 6-12 months following rehab treatment. You must choose a rehab that offers exceptional continuing care programs. Ongoing care programs engage you in individual and group therapy sessions with a therapist on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis to strengthen your commitment to sobriety. These sessions also equip you with essential tools to lead a healthy and sober life in the long term.

  • Customized treatments and personalized care

Most addiction rehabs offer the bare minimum by engaging patients in group therapies and support group meetings. However, this may not be enough to help you achieve comprehensive recovery from substance abuse disorders. Look for rehabs offering customized treatments and therapies to cater to each patient's unique addiction circumstances. A cookie-cutter treatment approach may not prove effective and can put you at a high risk of relapse after rehab.

  • An integrated healing approach

Search for rehab facilities that follow an integrated treatment approach. For instance, we use a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments to help our patients overcome their behavioral and mental health challenges.

Call us at 602-346-9242 to learn more about our treatments and therapies. Scottsdale Recovery is one of the leading Arizona treatment facilities with the best IOP/PHP, residential treatment, and medical detox referral services. Do not let your addiction take a toll on your quality of life.

Arizona Treatment Facilities
Scottsdale Recovery Center
Arizona Treatment Facilities
10446 N. 74th St. #150
Scottsdale AZ 85258

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