Addiction Treatment Centers In Los Angeles

Addiction Treatment Centers In Los Angeles

BeWell Recovery is an addiction treatment center that offers mental health services focused on trauma and recovery from substance and drug addictions. We provide a personalized approach because we believe that each case we receive is special and should receive individual-centered care. 


One thing that characterizes our addiction treatment centers is the privacy and personalized treatment we offer our patients. That is why we only offer six beds in each center. Gone are the days of hospitals offering therapy and care to 100 and 200 people. This method is useless. 

At our Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles - Tarzana and Orange County locations you will find the most comfortable, modern and friendly facilities to treat your addiction problem. 

Our rooms have comfortable beds, furniture and living rooms to rest and find your inner self. We also have green and recreational areas for sports, art and meditation activities. 

BeWell Recovery feels like a new home. It is a place to rediscover what you have lost due to substance abuse. You can see our facilities by visiting our website at


Being considered one of the best rehab centers in Los Angeles comes with great responsibility. That is why we have the best teams of trained professionals in the field. The goal of each team member is to guide you compassionately and professionally through every phase of your recovery. Providing an unparalleled recovery experience is part of the plan. 

Our team is comprised of internists, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and detoxification physicians. On the other hand, there are our case managers who are in charge of monitoring the cases we receive. All of them will be your companions in your process to find wellness. 

All of them have the experience and credentials to foster your journey to long-term healing of mind, body and spirit. By being part of our programs you will witness an experience that will help you overcome your pain and certify that we made the right decision at the right time.

You can see who is part of our team on the institution's website

What are our treatment options?

What sets us apart from other treatment centers in Los Angeles is the variety of methods and approaches we offer to manage addiction. We believe that every patient is different and should be treated with compassion and respect. That is why we manage a range of therapies that are applied based on the patient's needs as outlined in the patient's diagnosis. 

Within therapy, there is an extensive field of methods, approaches and interventions to help substance abusers with their mental and emotional needs. However, not all patients are the same and that is why we offer a diverse range of therapies to aid in the addiction recovery process:

- Cognitive behavioral

- Family therapies

- Dialectical behavior

- Neurofeedback

- Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

- Yoga, artistic ability and equine therapy

If you would like more information about our addiction management treatments, please contact us by phone at 866-317-8395 or write to our email [email protected] there is still time to make the right decision.

Addiction Treatment Centers In Los Angeles
BeWell Recovery
Addiction Treatment Centers In Los Angeles
4381 Vanalden Avenue
Tarzana CA 91356

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