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Outpatient Program

We offer various programs based on your needs and our clinical recommendations. We require a minimum of a two-week commitment for the following programs:

Day Treatment Program (PHP/DTP) 25 Hours

This program is five hours of therapy, five times per week.
Total: 22 hours of individual and 3 hours of group therapy per week.

Sample program: 8 hours EMDR/Brainspotting; 3 hours Somatic; 2 hour mindfulness; 1 hours yoga; 1 hour movement; 2 hours of acupuncture; 1 hour massage; 1hour of individual art, 3 hours of neurofeedback

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP allows you to maintain your daily commitments while resolving symptoms related to trauma which interfere with your ability to fully participate in life.

option 1- !5 hours
This program is three hours of therapy five times per week.
Total: 13 hours of individual and 2 hours of group therapy per week

Sample Program: 6 hours EMDR/Brainspotting; 2 hours Somatic; 1 hour of acupuncture, 2 hour of mindfulness, 1 hour of yoga;1 hour art,  2 hours of neurofeedback

option 2- 9 hours
This program is three hours of therapy three, times per week.
Total: 8 hours of individual and 1 hour of group therapy per week

Sample Program: 3 hours EMDR/Brainspotting; 1 hour Somatic; 1 hour mindfulness: 1 hour yoga, 2 hours neurofeedback, 1 hour acupuncture

Customized Outpatient Program

  • Clients who do not need intensive treatment can receive services at a reduced pace. This program can typically be offered as little as once or twice per week.The Outpatient Program is customized to meet specific client needs, and may include the following:
    • Weekly psychotherapy (50 minutes)
    • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management
    • EMDR (1.5 hour sessions)
    • Brainspotting (1.5 hour sessions)
    • Somatic therapy (based on the teachings of Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)
    • Art therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Movement/dance therapy
    • Neurofeedback

“Dr. Darsa is amazing. She is compassionate, genuinely wants to help you and it shows. She takes her time to truly listen to you; when it comes to emotional issues, she cares and helps you through the whole process. She is very knowledgeable and helpful with healing treatments and resources. Highly recommended!”  — S.Z., client

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