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We know it is difficult coping with trauma while at the same time searching for the right program. We believe that trauma therapy works when the person is ready—we will not try to convince you, pressure you, or minimize your concerns in order for you to come to our program. When you decide to call, we will present you with information on our team of clinicians, our therapeutic approach, the logistics of the program and try to answer any other questions you may have.

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“Simply put, Dr. Karol Darsa is one of the finest psychologists I know. As classmate and colleague, I have had the opportunity to observe her on numerous occasions and greatly value her empathy and concern for clients and her keen assessment of their issues, as well as her mastery of techniques in helping them heal the wounds they have suffered.  She is a superb clinician and a warm, loving human being.”  — Dr. Seth C. Kadish, licensed psychologist

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