Reconnect is a transformational outpatient center specializing in treating the real causes of addiction, depression and anxiety by addressing TRAUMA with individual, intensive therapy and healing.

By deeply exploring underlying trauma, we approach post traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and mood disorders with an elevated sense of awareness, compassion and knowledge. The result is a sense of reconnection with one’s self.

We welcome you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you have about our program. We know it is difficult coping with trauma while at the same time searching for the right program. We believe that trauma therapy works when the person is ready—we will not try to convince you, pressure you, or minimize your concerns in order for you to come to our program. When you decide to call, we will present you with information on our team of clinicians, our therapeutic approach, the logistics of the program and try to answer any other questions you may have.

“Karol is an extraordinary therapist. She provided me with a new outlook and approach towards my work, family and relationships that has unequivocally made me a better, happier, kinder and more fulfilled person. I can’t thank her or recommend her highly enough.”  — A.Z., client

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